How to Install New Keyboard Languages in Samsung Galaxy S3


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Are you having trouble adding a new keyboard to Samsung Galaxy S3. I seems that there are limited language supported right now

The supported languages right now are:
To get more Languages go here

1. Open phone Settings. Easiest way is to click on the icon on your Home Screen. If you don't have a shortcut out, just click the Menu button and then select Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see Language and input.  Click on that option.

3. In the Keyboards and input methods, click on the gear icon (Settings for Samsung Keyboard).

4. In the Samsung keyboard settings, click Input Language.

5. In the Input Languages screen, select the languages you want. Example: English & German.

6. When done adding press the Back button. when you are back at Samsung keyboard settings, scroll down to Tutorial and click that option.

7. In the Tutorial screen, click on the text field to test your new keyboard.

 8. Click the World button to switch between languages. If you have more than 2 languages, then long click the World button and you will get a pop up to select the language. Also you can swipe left or right on the Space button to switch languages.

9. As you can see I switched the keyboard to German.

Menu and Back Button Location

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