How to Reset Factory / Hard Reset on the phone or Android Tablet

How to Reset Factory / Hard Reset on the phone or Android Tablet to be back as early manufacturer / condition when first purchased is usually done when the android os encounter problems such as Error so os device is not running normally, fail to boot, forget the pin / password, or just want to be all applications, settings and os be like new for resale purposes.

To perform Factory Reset or Hard Reset in Android-based mobile phone or tablet's how easy it is to follow these steps

How to Reset Factory in Mobile / Android Tablet :
  1. Make sure the battery in a fully charged state (at least at least 80% battery left), and when perangka still be alive, preferably beck up all important data beforehand,
  2. Turn off your Android phone or tablet,
  3. Go into recovery mode (Android system recovery) by way of Press and Hold the Power button simultaneously enlarge and Volume buttons (+) approximately 5 seconds to enter the Android system recovery mode,
  4. Navigate to the menu selection option "wipe data / factory reset" using volume button (+) or (-), to start the process Press the Home button (Middle Keys). Reset Factory Handphone/Tablet Android     
  5.Once the process is complete, Select again "wipe cache partition", Press the Home button to start the process
6.Reboot the phone / tablet.  
Note:To enter recovery mode, on some types and brands of Android devices might be different, so to help, I will add some little way to go into Recovery Mode:
Remember to enter Recovery Mode, the condition of the phone / tablet should be turned off
Ways in Recovery Mode in Android Acer

  •     Acer beTouch E210:
  •     Press and hold the Volume Zoom Camera + Power + simultaneously
  •     Acer Liquid Metal:
  •     The procedure is the same as the Acer beTouch E210

Way in CSL Android Recovery Mode

  •     CSL Blueberry Mi410:
  •     Press and hold the Volume Zoom Zoom + Volume + Power simultaneously and wait until the green Android robot logo appears and press Home.Cara This also applies for Axioo Vigo 410, Cherry Mobile Magnum HD A400, Huawei IDEOS X6, Motorola TRIUMPH, Olive Smart VS300, Spice CSL Mi 410 - Slim, Viewsonic ViewPad 4 and Wellcom A99.
  •     CSL Mi 700:
  •     Press and hold the Volume Zoom Zoom + Volume + Power simultaneously

Ways in Recovery Mode in Huawei

  •     Huawei X3:
  •     Press and hold the Power + Volume Zoom simultaneously
  •     Huawei X5:
  •     The procedure is the same as the Huawei X3
  •     Huawei Ideos S7 Slim
  •     Press and hold the Power + Volume Decrease (-) simultaneously, until the Ideos logo appears on the LCD. After that release both buttons. Ideos S7 Slim will run itself (boot) and without asking or without notice tablet will be reset to factory defaults (normal view)

Ways in Recovery Mode in Samsung Android

  •     Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GSM:
  •     Press the Volume Up / meperbesar Sound + HOME + Power simultaneously for a few seconds.
  •     Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) CDMA:
  •     Turn off the phone and turn it on again by pressing the Power button, when the Samsung logo appears, immediately press the VOLUME UP / Zoom voice to go into recovery mode. If there is no response and the phone starts normally go into the menu as usual, turn off the phone again and repeat the process from the beginning.
  •     Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio and the Samsung Galaxy Ace:
  •     Press and hold the Home + Power button simultaneously.
  •     Samsung Galaxy 551:
  •     Press and hold down the T + Power button, to the bottom of the navigation can use the arrow keys, while the choice to use the Shift key.
  •     Samsung Galaxy Pro:
  •     Press the letter T + Power button Simultaneously
  •     Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder):
  •         Turn off the phone,
  •         Press and hold the Volume Up key + HOME (tenga button) + Power Button same time and wait for it to come out the logo "Samsung", then immediately off three keys, starting from the Power button first.
  •         When the logo appears Android> press the MENU button (the left button of the HOME button). If it does not work, turn off the phone and then try again.
  •     Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 "(P1000) / Tab 7 Plus (P6200):
  •     Turn off the tablet and then press and hold the Volume UP + Power button simultaneously until the screen lights up 
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  1. hai my magnum tab how to reset im forget password please help me that magnum tab only have home button power button how to reset

  2. hai my magnum tab how to reset im forget password please help me that magnum tab only have home button power button how to reset

  3. my magnum tab dont have volume button how to reset please help me

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