[TUTORIAL] Root Sony Xperia M (LockedBootloader & Unlock Bootloader)

[TUTORIAL] Root Sony Xperia M (LockedBootloader & Unlock Bootloader)

M is a variant of Xperia sony vendors for the middle class, with 2 million price range with spech dual core and 1 GB of RAM makes this phone quite a lot of interest, this time Ai will discuss how to easily root xperia M (LockedBootloader and UnlcokedBootloader)

Lock Boatloader
For Droiders that uses Xperia M with the bootloader still locked dibwah follow this tutorial. First, download  

the ingredients:

  1. Framaroot version 1.6.0
  2. Busybox Pro v9.8 
  3. Root fixer 

Preparation Rooting :
  1. Enable USB Debugging in Settings> Developer Options> Usb Debugging.
  2. Make sure ADB Driver is installed, the easiest way is to install the latest PC Companion
Instal Framaroot :
  1. Install 1.6.0 on Xperia M devices Framaroot 
  2. Open the application Framaroot, select SuperSU and select 
  3. Wait a minute and then select OK. Reboot the device let you do.
  4. Once your device restarts, check whether the application has been installed SuperSU.
  5. If not already installed, please repeat the above steps until the application is actually installed. This process sometimes has to be done repeatedly until the application is installed SuperSU.
 [TUTORIAL] Root Sony Xperia M (LockedBootloader & Unlock Bootloader) 

Install Busybox Pro v9.8
  1. Install Busy Box Pro v9.8 on the Xperia M. 
  2. Open the application. If there are questions to do a backup just select NO.
  3. At the top of this application Droiders will see a loading progress bar, wait until the process reaches 100%.
  4. If the process is stopped, try restarting your device and repeat the steps.
  5. If the process has reached 100%, choose the version 1.21.1 and then press install and select the normal install.
  6. Wait until there is a successful notification. Then close the application.   
Install RootFixer
  1.      Extract RootFixer applications on PC
  2.      Connect the device to the PC Xperia M
  3.      Run the file in the folder supers.bat RootFixer that has been extracted.
  4.      Follow the process to complete. During the process you will do restrart for several times.
  5.      If completed please disconnect the device from the PC Xperia M 
Unlock Bootloader
If the device is already in M Xperia unlock its bootloader, then how root Sony Xperia M somewhat easier. The trick Droiders just simply follow the steps above to install Busybox Framaroot and without the need to install RootFix.

Checking Is How To Root the Sony Xperia M above It Successfully
After following the above measures, it is time to check whether root Sony Xperia way above M has been successful. To find out, please follow the steps below:
  1. Install Root Explorer app.  
  2. Open the application, then on the top right click the "Mount as r / w". 
  3. If after pressing the button to reboot your device, your device is not in full-root. Please repeat the steps above. 
  4. If the device does not reboot m Xperia, Xperia M means the rooting process has been successful
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