Do you wish to root an android smartphone? Root it here

Nowadays, rooting of android smartphones seems to be a little bit compulsory compared to it's advantage after rooting.

In this thread, I would be creating allowance for everyone of you to post your android smartphone model in other for it to be rooted.

Before I get started, as a good heart person that I am, I wouldn't just keep my lips shut without telling you the risk in rooting your android smartphone, but don't bother about that because as long as you would be following my procedures, then you won't have a problem in rooting your android smartphone successfully.

Before I get started, let me brief you on the advantages and disadvantages in rooting your android smartphone, then after reading through, it would be left for you to decide if to root it or not.

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Advantages of rooting your android smartphones:

- It runs special application, especially those in HD grafix and also much more beneficial apps that works on rooted device only.

- It also helps to freeup memory

- It's also an advantage in terms of custom roms by speeding up the processing speed of your android smartphone.


- It voids your device warranty

- It involve the risk of bricking your device.

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From the above effects of rooting your android smartphones as listed above, you would notice that there is no much disadvantage, and whereby we have a solution to bricked android smartphones, then lets gather courage and get our android smartphones rooted.

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So here's the thing, I would expect everyone of you to drop your android smartphone model that you wish to root, and then wait for my feedback within 24hrs.

Advice:- Download Root checker to verify if your phone is rooted or not.
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