Advantages And Disadvantages Of Android

hallo this time I'll tell you a little about my experience using the android and the advantages possessed android.
I think Android is the operating system in such a way to pamper dirangcang because its different from other android os is very elastic tampilanya we can change in such a way that we can set more sophisticated as we like dah her ​​again now android is able to discriminate anything like paying electricity bills water bills etc ..
   compared with other models of mobile phones android os is definitely the most favored because of his display that can change its launcher like we coud set or in his locker theme coud be replaced and its application is very interesting and the unleavened variety of applications exist in its game android crowded and many popular games such as NFS carbon rich, Angry Bird Etc. ..
may make a reply on its list of the advantages and disadvantages:
android advantages:

  • OS very well could we change
  • Very good launcher
  • A lot of games that coud be downloaded for free
  • - Many applications can help our daily activities
  • - And many more I can not mention them all
  • And its deficiency may be only one
  • - Android wasteful battery

maybe I just got here my experience about the advantages and disadvantages of android: D still choose android yes we see what is next in android created by developers
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