How to Control Android Through PC

How to Control Android Through PC
For you Android users , have never thought to control your Android phone remotely ? It would be very interesting if you can do Android control of PCs as you wish . Here I will share about interesting applications for Android phones that can control your Android remotely via a computer or laptop . To do so required the application Webkey . This application is very unique and useful . If your cell phone left behind at home , you can still read and write SMS , make calls and even you can click / tap your Android remotely . Other features in this app are also very interesting as : take a screenshot , men-download/meng-upload files , knowing the location via GPS , export contacts and terminal emulator .

How to Control Android Through PC

This application can only run on Android that has diroot ( rooted ) . If you are interested in using this application , follow these steps :

1 . Download the app Webkey on Google Play ( FREE ) 

2 . Install Webkey , then run Webkey - Start Service 
3 . Check the " keep alive connection to " 
4 . Fill nickname on the server 
5 . Open a browser on a PC / Laptop , visit the web androidwebkey ( dot ) com 
6 . Enter the nickname you then connect 
7 . Registration & Create new account 
8 . Open the app on your Android Webkey 
9 . Users go into settings , Create new user 
10 . Log in at androidwebkey ( dot ) com 
Good luck controlling your android remotely
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