Performance is one of the things that led to stratification and disparity gadget. In general, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the performance, which is supported by the high hardware specs. However, despite the limitations of the hardware, but can still have a good performance. For the class of smartphones, particularly Android-based, such a thing is feasible. Many ways in order to maximize the performance of android. Ranging from subtle way, to the way that extreem. One example of a subtle way is by using applications such as function optimization of RAM. Or with another application that is used to automatically clear the cache, as well as many others. Examples of the many ways extreem done "opreker" android that is by overclocking the processor, by replacing the modified kernel has to support in order to overclock the processor. In addition, there is also the use of "instant package" is to use a custom rom. A rom that has been in modivikasi such a way, so they can feel normal sensation wild performance. Risks that must be borne, depending on the method used to optimize the performance of the gadget. Start of bootloop, brick, until the damage to the hardware. Use a custom rom, usually no escape from the bugs. For everyday use, certainly not the right choice.On this occasion, ekonsul will share tips on optimizing the performance of the gadget, using simple methods, which of course is relatively safe for everyday use. The need to be done include: 
1. Root. Is the main gateway for android users, the clicking-oprek used gadgets. In this case, the root is a major step in getting a good performance. Why root required? Because in this performance optimization tips, will use several tools applications that require root access. For those who have not been in his gadget-root, certainly before going any further, the first thing to do is rooting.

2. SWAP Memory. Simpelnya explanation, swap memory is a treatment for the swap USB Storage (internal storage), with the sdcard. For example, the Galaxy S Advance. Galaxy S Advance has a size of 3.92 GB USB storage (Jelly Bean). If the game is filled with HD, how much can be installed? Meanwhile, HD games can only be installed on the internal storage (USB storage), but with a particular treatment. With SWAP Memory, we can exchange the roles of internal storage to external storage. Look at the picture below!
3. Seeder. Is an android application performance optimization, a way to re-arrange some of the workings of the application, which then merdampak to minimize lag. How to use relatively simple, but have a relatively significant impact on performance improvement gadgets.

4. Freeze Application. As the name of the term, the mechanism Freeze Application is by application freeze. Viewed from the impact, similar to freeze applications uninstall. The difference, if freeze just freeze, without removing apps from application manager. While uninstalling, eliminating the overall application. Freeze applications require helper applications. Application that has many features to freeze there. One of the most frequently used Titanium Backup to freeze the. There are many applications (the default) is installed, but never used. In fact, it is not uncommon these applications standby without our knowledge. Indirectly, will result in a decrease in power (battery) is not realized.

5. Greenify. In terms of function, similar to Greenify seeder. Which serves as an application for optimization. The difference lies in the way of working. Where, seeder more on optimizing kinterja / performance, while optimizing the application Greenify connected to the Internet continuously (background data). For example facebook application. Can you imagine, if your gadget is active 24 hours, during which active facebook application and connect to the Internet. What percent% of power used only for facebook app? How much data is exhausted, only to standby facebook app? With Greenify application, all applications similar to the way Facebook (background application data), can be controlled. Ie by setting hibernation specific programs. 

6. Restrict Background Data. This is a manual method of application functions Greenity. However, in some applications greenity has "limitations", among which not be able to hibernate system applications such as playstore, gmail, etc.. Through backgound Restrict Data, system applications can also be controlled so as not always connected to the internet. Restrick Background Data is one of the standard options of the Android operating system version 4.1.2 (Jellybean). How do I control applications "stubborn", which is not necessarily all the time we need..

Let the different points of view related optimization tips android, a link to co-exist with each other. Hopefully this article useful, if it is beneficial, may also need friends around. Therefore, please share with others.
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