Reloaded Mtn tweak that works on Pc and Andriod on Both OpenVpn and TriodVpn

I recently re-posted an issue on how to browse free on your Pc or andriod devices with open Vpn, Well This is an updated configuration on how to make use of openvpn or Triodvpn or even sandwichvpn to surf free on Mtn Network.

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Just follow the procedure below:-

==>Enter your Username/Password on the field provided.
==>Set the Protocol to TCP
==>Set the RPort to 5222
==>Set the LPort to 3118
==> Select any TCP server from the list of Servers.
==>Do not forget to set your APN to
==>Connect and surf with ease.
Mind you, it works with #0.0 on your mtn sim.
To those still finding it difficult to connect with Open vpn on PC, download any of these servers and connect but mind your download rate ooo.
If you are new to this OpenVPN stuff with mtn free browsing, read the full post here
Sandwichvpn users are still enjoying it so no cause for alarm.
Enjoy it while it last.
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