Etisalat now rocking on your-Freedom with Pc and android device

Most of us are still rocking free with 0.0K on Openvpn on our mtn network. Well i decided to post another tweak for etisalat that blazes with 0.0K on both Androids and Pc.

This tutorial works on PC and works perfectly on Android phones as well.

==>Open an account Here

==> Download the latest Your-free Here

==>Install and run as administrator.

==>Goto configure + server connection =
==>enterport 53.
Connection mode=DNS.

Tweak Nigeria Etisalat.
Then mark 3,5,7,9. Then minimum buffer size=1500.
Reconnection delay=5000, initial post size=10000000,
minimum= 20000, ftp mode= both, ssl protocol= Any.


==>input your username and password you used in registering in the account information area save and exit.

==>Then goto the Ports and untick Web Port= 6050 or 6052 and tick back that's all.

==>Configure your browser like this
Proxy: and Port 6050 or 6052 depending on the one you used on YourFreedom
APN: etisalat
Save and hit the connect button.

Works on Android phones, just download YF for android herewith the same configuration.
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