How to make real cash from url shortening sites

Have you ever wondered why most blog authors, site owners and other internet publishers shortens there url?

Do you know that you get paid for shortening of urls according to the number of clicks through that shortened Urls.

AdFly is what am talking about.


I don't think you not familiar with this site because even if you don't use this site for making online money then you must even see it while downloading any software or reading your desired article but here now you come to know how to make money with AdFly.

This site got first rank by making money URL Shortening Websites because it is great website with good payout and customer support service.
This site also provides forum to help peoples.

To get started, simply register an account with them Here.

Then you would see where you are to shrink any link.
To start earning, simply find a link then move to the website and shorten it, then copy to shortened link to pages, forums, sites or blogs and you would earn in dollars for per Click on the shortened link.

To earn more, simply refer your friends to AdFly with the referral link that would be provided for you.

Payment Info:- Payment would be transfered through Paypal account. If you don't have one then click here

Hope this helps....
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