Easy way to setup your computer into a wifi router

Most of us have tried as much as possible to turn our desktop or personal computer into a wireless field where different wifi/wlan supported device share connection with.

Well am going to be introducing you to a very good application that makes it easy for you to turn your Pc into a hotspot setup device.

Virtual Wifi Router is what am talking about. This application was formally lauched 2011, well i am very glad to announce the latest version of Virtual WiFi Router v.3

It has brand new metro design ,very easy to use and pretty stable version
Pre-Installation. Requirements

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*.Microsoft .Net 4 framework\

*.A pc with wifi card which supports virtualiztion


Download Virtual wifi router Here

Hope this helps, If you encounter any problem with this application let me know.
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 9:44 PM

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