Etisalat Bis now rocking on android and Pc device- Tested and comfirmed

It has now be tested and comfirmed on various android device and Pc that etisalat bis is now rocking on them for over a week now.

Its high time we decide the best data plan usage on our device though Airtel network threatens to block the usage of there Bis on Non bb device, there internet speed is not as fast as that of etisalat.

Airtel Bis for monthly is #1500 for 2Gb but that of etisalat monthly bis is just 1k for 3Gb. Which do you prefare?

Now to setup the etisalat Bis to run on your device, simply follow the below procedure:-

etisalat bis-logo

==>Subscribe to monthly blackberry completeplan by dialing *499*3# or weekly plan by dialing *499*3*1#.
Monthly cost #1,000 while weekly cost #500

==> Once the 1month bb complete plan has been confirmed successful, subscribe again to blackberry 10 daily plan by dialing *599*3*2# (it goes for #100 and 15mb will be giving to you).

==>Set your apn to

==>Save and exit. Connect and surf.

The bb10 daily plan help clears all the mucus of bb complete data so that you will be able to browse with it on non bb device. It has been tested and confirmed working.
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