Having problem with the etisalat Bis? Here are some solutions

Its being spread round that etisalat bis is now working on Non - Blacberry device.

Early this morning i recieved mail from almost 16 visitors on my blog complaining that they tried re-activating for the Etisalat Bis again but it gave them tough times.

Here are some complains:-
=>I tried to re-activate the second time but my credit was deducted for BB10 autorenewal and then i load extra #100 for the monthly/weekly subscription but still not working.
Some even went as far as calling the customer service that the etisalat Bis isn't working on there android device, after that there 15mb wiped off, each time trying to put there 3G data on, then an icon which reads like a sign into the network appears on there device.
Other complains are from newbies that just needed to subscribe for the first time, but the 3078 is given and remains intact with browsing and many more related issues.

Well here are the solutions to these problems listed above.

=>If your data plan is still intact but your 3G data network changes its icon into another different icon and your 15mb wiped off, simply call the customer care service, only them can restore your 3g!!
Talk to a geek,
After he had help you restore it, tell him to help you activate your bb10 plan. Finish.

He might ask if you use a bb10 phone. tell him yes, But your sim is currently not in the phone. Thats all.

=>If you are subscribing again and have not call the customer service to opt-out in the previous BB10 daily, Know that once you load another recharge card, it would be deducted for autorenewal and once its being renewed then you have missed the steps on activating the etisalat bis. so i advice you to first call for the de-activation of the previous BB10 daily plan before recharging for another subscription, But if unfortunately yours was being renewed before subscribing, simply call the customer service to opt-out the BB10 daily plan, then re-subscribe for the BB10 daily plan to add up with your monthly or weekly plan.

=>If you just subscribed for the first time and followed the steps very well and still the Plan is intact but not browsing with it, then call the customer service for re-fund, they would do just as that in the next 24hrs, then after your credit id being restored you can try the procedure again.

Note:-Monthly/weekly subscribtion first before that of the BB10 daily.

If you have a different issue, then reply on the comment box and we would provide a solution for that.

Hope this helps!!!
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 7:38 PM

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