How to activate etisalat 100mb promo bundle on your tecno android device

Get Etisalat 100mb on your tecno anndroid device.

Follow the below procedure:-
-Insert an Etisalat sim on your tecno android device
-Then send HIGH to 8186.
These promo works on most tecno android devices,

Tested and comfirmed on Tecno Q1, P3 and pad, but you can still try for other tecno android device.


Here are also the list of the valid command that could be sent:

  • Young,
  • help,
  • zoom
  • , mega,
  • p6,
  • solo1,
  • solo2,
  • gtabs,
  • am,
  • y210,
  • note3,
  • s3
  • , help,
  • tab2,
  • note2,
  • camera,
  • winsmart,
  • win, tab,
  • high,
  • mid
  • , low,
  • note8,
  • s4.

Send any of the above to same 8186

Note:- This promo can be done only once on your tecno device.

Hope this helps!!!
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 6:21 AM

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