How to make your Slow/unbootable windows PC boot faster

Have you encountered any problem on your Windows Pc concerning slow booting or not even booting at all most times?

If yes, then you are in the right section for solution.

The cause of your unbootable system can be due to boot record failure, viral infection or even a hardware issue.

Well i know of most proverbs that states "Fight magic with magic" but here we won't apply that cause you can easily attack "magic" with an external force.

To cut the story short, you can repair your unbootable system with an antivirus but its not to easy for the dummies to follow, that is the more reason you are adviced to make use of the system file checker(SFC.exe).

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The system file checker(sfc.exe) is a command-line tool built into Windows that helps you repair corrupted system files. If you can't boot your PC, the guruswizard tech blog explains how to use it from the install disc.

Normally you'd just open up an administrator mode command prompt, and then type in sfc /scannow to scan your system files, and either repair or replace anything that's broken—but when you're booting off an install DVD it's not quite as simple. Instead, you'll need to boot off the install disc, choose the "Repair your computer" option, choose your installation drive, open up a command prompt, and then type in this command:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=d:\ /offwindir=d:\windows

You'll need to adjust the drive letter depending on where your system is installed—you'll probably notice that the drive letter is different during the repair process than normal, so make sure to pay attention on the screen where you choose the installation to repair.

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