How to run java apps on your android and windows mobile

Most of you might be familiar with this, but i decided to publish this tutorial for the newbies.

No much stories. To enable your android or window mobile run java applications you would need an Emulator known as Jbed.

JBED will let you run any Java/J2ME/MIDP games or applications natively with JBed Android/Winmo Java Emulator. The developer created a signed flash-able package for easy installation: just flash this package on clockworkmod recovery version 2 and up.

The app was tested on a HTC but it should be compatible with other devices as well.

For Android devices, download Jbed app Here
For android 2.3 Here

For Window mobiles download Jbed app Here

If you have any related issue, then let us know...

Last Edited 8/12/2013
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 11:00 AM

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