Reason why the etisalat bis didn't work on your android device

The etisalat bis is now known to most individuals, that is the reason why etisalat network has gone as far as tracking down android devices used for the subscribtion easily.

Whats my point?
The reason why some individuals that did subscribed for the etisalat bis with there android device, causing the Bis not to work is because Etisalat service tracked down there device, then instead of getting the normal 3Gb they would get 250Mb because there data plan was converted, Or even some had there own 3Gb but couldn't work on there android device, few others, there network icon was being changed.

So my advice to all those that had any of these problems should try and reach the customers service by dialing 200 and request for opt-out of the BB10 daily then when that is being resolved, call back and request for re-fund complaining that you mistakened another package with the etisalat bis.
After you have done all that, find a BB device to make your etisalat bis subscribtion and swap your sim back to your device.

Am still flexing mine on both symbian and PC.(Lol)

Hope this would help.
We are truly sorry for any incoviences caused. But one have to take a risk in every success.
Just note that we are still working hard for a solution to this mess.
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