You can't access net with your Etisalat Bis on your Non- Blackberry device, Then check in here for another solution

Hmmm. Etisalat agencies seems to be working on blocking this tweak, but the funny thing is that they don't know that there are many pot holes on there server.

If you still have your 3GB with you and you don't want to re-fund your 1K, here is another method to make use of it.
As i promised you guys, we are still working hard for solutions, and i can see solutions coming closer.

Hehehe... Seems like etisalat have forgotten there authorized package.
After explaining the method on how to activate your 3GB back, i would then give you a Link Prove which authorizes this method.

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Just take a review through this steps

-Get a new sim that is not activated yet and must be a data sim.
Etisalat’s Multi Device plan basically lets you make up to four clones of your primary SIM with new, previously unregistered.

-Dial *215*PIN*1*newNumber*newPUK# for SIM 1 (i.e.) Dial *215*0000*1*0809XXXXXXX*12345678# or SMS “Add newNumber,1, PIN,newPUK” to 215 for SIM 1 i.e “Add 0809XXXXXXX,1,0000,12345678″ to ’215′ (where 1 indicates the first SIM being added, subsequent SIMs would be 2, 3 and 4 respectively, PIN refers to a 4-digit PIN you choose, and PUK is the Personal Unblocking Key of the SIM you are adding). If successful, you would be able to access the data on your primary SIM from the new registered secondary SIM.

-After registering, it is advisable to change your PIN, you can do so by dialling *215*oldPIN*newPIN#

-To check if a new SIM has been successfully added, you can dial *215# which shows the number of SIMs that have been successfully added. You can also insert a secondary SIM and dial *248# to check the number of the SIM. It should show the same number as your primary SIM.

-To check which of the SIMs is primary, dial *215*2# or Send “2″ to 215.

-To remove a secondary SIM, Dial *215*PIN*1*0# or Send del, 1, 0 to 215 (for SIM 1)

-To opt out of the multi device plan, Dial *215*PIN# or Send Out PIN to 215.

To see for yourself that this method is approved by network provider, kindly check in this link =>

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