Another simple server tweak that rocks on Mtn- Symbian, Android and PC

We are back with another simple server tweak which rocks well on symbian and Pc.

First Download This app Here

Goto settings, Then Create new access point With The following Details:-
First MTN SIM WIT 0.0KoBo,

Second Send 'FB0' to '131'

The zero is Digital,,
!!! Note if the u're
browsing and you found out is not loading...,
just resend Fb0 to 131,

You are back on track,,

Goto settings,
Create new access point
Name Anyting you like Mine is MTN,



Port:- 8080

Now Open The simpleserver app

Acess Point:- choose the access point name you created
i.e Mtn

Local Host:-

Local Port:- 8080

Click On
HTTP Query:-

Frontquery:- None

Middle Qury:- None

Back Query:- None

Reverse Query:- None

Inject Query:-

Inject Method:- HEAD

Inject Newline:- \r\n

Inject SplitLINE:- Default

Click on HTTP Header:-

Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :

Add/Del/Rep Header 2 :

Add/Del/Rep Header 2 : none
Add/Del/Rep Header 3 :

Others shul be : None
Click On server Config:-

Fetch Server:- none

Keep Server:- None

Url Replacer:- None

Advaced Mode:- yes

Tunel Proxy:- No

Https Connection:- yes

Server Buffer:- 1024

Screen size:- Normal

Proxy Port:- 8080

Exit and Open it again
You can use any of the browsers, Ucweb, *Opera*,
then Connect with the access point you created

Leave Exit dn Open it again::::::::::::::::
Nao goto ur Ucweb, Opera Den Connect with d access point u created In D first Place:::::::::::::::::::

Note:- Dc App Rocks Faster On Opera12. If dc is not Working 4u, dt Meanz Ur Phone Need special Diliverance Session... Bt u can Drop ur comment at Or Beta still follow me on twitter=>@guruswizards 4 beta deliverance service..lolx

PC users kindly download the file HERE. Everything is well explained there, just read the note in the file. Then the simpleserver.ini is for that old etisalat tweak simply download the recent one HERE and extract the simpleserver.ini and relace with the other one.

Android users download simple server Here, and follow the settings above.

As for those who complains that the tweak is 3mb capped, simple send Stop to 131 and resend "FB0" to "131", and once it caps 3mb again keep resending..
But to overcome the stress of resending, then Kindly subscribe for facebook 1month for #60 FBM to 131 then use it to surf the tweak unlimitedly..

Encounter any problem, let me know...

Last Edited 2/12/2013
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 6:00 PM

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