Etisalat NG with TunnelGuru Blazing on pc

Etisalat tweak is now rocking fully with tunnelguru on pc.

To get started first:-
1>  Install -JAVA7 [ ] Recommended use this java
3> Downlaod from here -

First Update TG no [ TG Client->About Box] in web account.
download v2.6.1.0 from here now -32 bit

download v2.6.1.0 from here now - 64 bit

Use following settings: 

In Mozilla point to 6052 for all protocol.
If you Proxifier you can use port 6054/6055/6056.

Server IP: [ Enter in Web Host ] [ Netherlands-1 ] ( TORRENT Allowed ) [ Netherlands-2 ] ( TORRENT Allowed ) [ Canada-1 ] [ Canada-2 ] [ USA-1 ] [ USA-2 ] [ UK-1 ] [ UK-2 ]
Disable Antivirus for better speed!!!

Note:- free users can only open,
to pay for voucher visit:-

If you want to use VPN over HTTP..First Start HTTP Tunnel
( above steps)
Then Come to VPN TAB and Start VPN ( following exact
Please note: Use both HTTP and VPN server from same
Say You have first started HTTP using any UK
location server , Then use TCP VPN server from UK
location only.
If you are usign VPN do not forget to REMOVE proxy
setigns from individual application like Mozilla etc..

Check the below image for guide:

Enjoy this tweak.............. tested and comfirmed.................
If you encounter any problem or have any issue, let us know.

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