Glo Unlimited tweak is back again on all device.

For the past months this tweak was published to the view of only my subscribed blog readers.
It's a pity if you havn't been flexing yours, well to subscribe for our updates both hidden and publised is free. Kindly click here to subscribe.

This tweak goes to all glo users. (of course i know everyone would become a glo user..Lol)


*.It browses at the speed 7.2mb/s.

*.It works on all device except a blackberry phone.

*.It opens all kinds of application both on PC and Mobile.

*.It’s for life….Once configured, you can use till you loose your sim.

*.It cost you only #1000 naira only to configure the glo magic sim

1. Two glo sim cards
2. A computer and modem in it, or you can fix the sim card on another device if you don't have a computer.

To get started with this easy tweak, first put your main glo line(the line you want to use to surf the tweak) in your modem or you can fix the sim card on another device if you don't have a computer.

As for the other glo line, just recharge a one thousand naira recharge card and subscribe for a package by dialing *127*53# or by sending an sms, 53 to 127.

Once this process is concluded, don't browse with it, or instead off your data or better make use of a touchlight nokia.

Now this final process is the sweetest.
With the sim on your phone in which you used for the subscription, simply dial this code on it, *127*01*the number on your modem/

Then you would recieve a message on your modem/device.
Then your on, browse for like 2-3mins then dial *127*02*number on your modem/device.

You can then flex with the other sim you shared the data with.

Note:- You can still use the same sim you recharged the one thousand naira on, to share the subscribed data with as many glo sim you have without re-subscribing. Just share it by dialing the same *127*01*TH GLO LINES NUMBER YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH#

Flex this tweak. Its not capped, it Unlimited.
Glo Unlimited, 'as their provider said(Lol)

If you encounter any problem, then let us know...
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