How to access wi-fi blocked sites

Good day to all my blog readers and visitors. Seems like most of you would be wondering the reason why i havn't published any topic for the past two days.
Well i had to go on that break to rest my brains and refresh for a new begining because we are in a new year.
Wishing you guys a happy new year.

To cut the story short, todays post is going to be based on how to access wi-fi blocked site with any connected wifi device.

Past months, i posted a very related topic on how to visit a website anonymously which also helps in accessing SSL blocked websites, so you are adviced to scan through the related topic before getting back to this one, so that you can have a full knowledge of what i am about to explain.

Accessing wi-fi blocked website is normally applicable to itouch device because proxy websites don't work on the itouch devices.
So the best you can do is to set-up a proxy manually.

How do we set-up a proxy manually?
First you need a proxy ip list. So go to Free Public Proxy Servers Lists: HTTP, HTTPS/Secure/Tunnel/Connect/IRC, SOCKS, CGI/PHP/Web, transparent/anonymous/elite/high anonymous, standard, non-standard ports. Use and ip address one, not a url based one. For example (
Now the part after the semi-colon is the port#. Therefore for this ip the port is (3124).

So now that you have your IP, go to your itouch>Settings>Wifi> Click the blue arrow by the network.


While under the network settings, scroll dows to HTTP Proxy, then click on MANUAL.
So under the option "server" enter the ip address that we have. So I enter ( remembering to leave out the 3124 since it is the port#.
Then Enter the port#.

So I would enter 3124.

And just leave the autentication option off.

Kudos!! Now you can surf any wi-fi blocked website.

Hope this helps!!!!
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