How to make free calls to all network on airtel line

Wow!!! I really thank God for the author of this trick...
Can't really imagine myself making free calls to calls on my airtel sim.

The interesting part of this trick is that you can get to call all network for free without airtel network reducing a dime from your device.
Just wish that this tweak lasts for months.


To cut the story short, Just get an airtel sim, whether old or new sim, then dial 987.

Once the number is being dialed, you would hear there bot speaking some unknown grammers (for the dummies i mean) that is not easily understood, just ignore and quickly press either 3 or 4 on your device, then wait till that bot tells you to enter the number, then quickly enter the number you wish to contact.

Yipee, your call would be connected, you can then speak to the individual till you are tired of speaking.

If you wish to contact any other person, then just follow same procedure as explained above.

This trick is so easy to grab, such that the dumest person on earth would understand the process.
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 9:46 PM

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