How to make money online in a blogging system

Good day my blog readers, hope you are ready for today’s stroll. We have always wished for a better tommorro but havn’t planned it well. I know of a proverb in blogging that says “blogging system is the best money making machine”, actually, that type of proverb is a non-objective proverb to me, but it would sound stange to most of you once you don’t know the secret behind the proverb.
My previous disscussion under the tag “blog money” was “How to getstarted with blogging”. Hope each one of you enjoyed and also benefited from that article. If you havn’t gone through the article then you are adviced to go through it right now before reading through this present one, for understanding purpose.

Before I continue this disscussion, I would start by thanking every one of you for your interest in this journey of blogging and most especially, for reading my content.
Blogging is a self employee program that so many individuals like me benefits from, it could be a part time or full time programme but what matters is your passion for it. Talking of benefits of blogging, the question is how?

Make money in blogging system
Well, to get started on making cash in blogging system, I would first make a top-5 reviews on how so many individuals make cash blogging, then I would expanciate the disscussion on our future phare in this tag of blog money.

Top 5 ways of making money in blogging system
1.       Google adsense:
Google adsence is the largest ads network on the internet. This have become a very high source of income to most bloggers. A very good blogger do earn not less than $200 daily on adsence. Hmmm, huge amount it is, but you have to be a very passionate and succesfull blogger to earn such amount.

2.       Affilate programes:
Running of affilate programes on your blog is also a good source of income. Unlike getting affilate links from good paying sites that do provide affilate programes. For instance, amazon, it is a very good affilate programe provider that pays 30% commission fee of any buyer referred to them by you. It’s a good paying service in which most bloggers do benefit from. You simply move to there site and apply for that, and you would be given some generated links that you would implement on your blog. Other affilate services providers are jumia, konga e.t.c.

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