Reloaded mtn magic sim tweak

Hurray!!! Its heating, its boiling and now its blazing.. Wow!! Here comes the bombardment of the latest mtn magic sim particle. Lol.. Seems like am speaking in chemistry terms. But do you know that the chemistry behinde every magic sim tweak is wisdom and luck. It your lucky, yours would be activated. To get started with this tweak, first get a Mtn sim card which is on any plan. Then Load a sum of #250 on it, nothing less, nothing much and Set Your Time To 0:00 And Date 12/12/2015. (Nokia tourchlight recommended)
Mtn magic sim-logo
Once you have recharged you sim with these amount, subscribe for the mtn 2hrs plan. To subscribe, simply send '2H' to '131'. Thats not all o. Once you have subscribed for these 2hrs plan, then browse with your sim for that exact two hours without downloading and you would get a message that your plan is exausted. Please don't panic at this point. Just send 104 to 131 and stay connected, you would get a comfirmation message that you are still active and you have used 121mins. Start Flexing...... As for me, i can't laff, can't cry infact am tired of browsing. My Glo and Mtn sims floating in wonders... Hahaha.... Blaze high my visitors....
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