10 best apps for your new windows PC

Like I have always said, owning a personal computer is one thing while the use of its proposed function is another.
Last week, a friend of mine got himself a brand new laptop and he was confused on how to get started with it. Though he is also good in computer tips but the moment he got himself one, he was so confused on were to start from. I quickly adviced him to first run a drive (latest edition) on his system, and also downloads some essential software that would make his system useful.
Today’s stroll, I would be briefing you on the 10 best apps for your new windows PC.

1.      Microsoft office:
Microsoft office is one essential program you should have on your new windows PC. Normally, the microsoft office program comes with lots of features unlike the microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft power point, microsoft picture manager and microsoft one note.
Therefore, you are encouraged to get the Microsoft office latest edition from their official webpage here, or buy it close to any computer shop.

2.      Chrome browser:
Chrome browser is another recommended program for your windows PC. The reason why I prefare chrome browser to other browsers is because it has better features and most especially helps in saving data usage.
To download latest edition of chrome browser click here.

3.      VLC media player:
This is a very much portable media player that is cross-platform, free and open-source player. It also has streaming media server features that are written by the videoLAN project. This software supports many video and audio compression methods and file formats which includes video CD, DVD – video and also streaming protocols as mentioned.
This program is highly recommended for your windows PC in terms of all the features mentioned above and other related features.
To download VLC media player, click here.

4.      Avast antivirus:
There is nothing more essential but making sure your windows PC is kept save and secured from viral attack.
Just like the story I once explained to you on my previous disscussion on how a friend of mine was being injected by a deadly attack known as Trojan due to lack of malware protection.
So try to get an Avast antivirus and always update the virus db on regular basis to keep your windows PC save and secured.
To download avast antivirus for your windows PC, click here.

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