3 Best Android Emulator For PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Owning a personal computer is one thing, getting to know the activities or the function of what you can use it for is another essential thing. Most of especially those who are just getting a personal computer (PC) for the first time don’t know the dynamic function of what you can use it for; we are just common with its default functions unlike, Microsoft office, paint, internet explorer e.t.c.
The fact is that since I ever owned a personal computer, none of my days had been counted being bored due to I know the essential purpose and functions of me owning one.
Today’s stroll, I would be briefing you on the 3 best android emulator for PC (Windows and Mac OS). Before I start with the list of them, I would first explain to you what an emulator really means so you can understand what I mean by android emulator for PC.

What an emulator means?
Most of you might be familiar with the word “imtates” but not familiar with “emulates”. As commonly known, imitates is when you try to take off, duplicate or copy the features of another person, same term applies to an emulator, its just that emulate is a common word used in computing. In other words, an emulator is software in a device that duplicates or imitates the features of a computing system into another computing system that is totally different from the first one. For instance, software in an android device that makes the android device attains similar function with a Windows device is what we call an emulator. In computer terms, another word that can be refered to as emulator is called a simulator.
Now that you have an idea of what an emulator actually means, I will then be breifing you on the 3 best android emulator for PC (Windows and Mac OS).

1.      Bluestacks:
Bluestack is the most common software amongst all other android emulator for both windows and Mac OS, though it’s not more of a virtual software but commonly known as an app player. Being an app player means, it is through the software that you can run all your android apps unlike, BBM, Instagram, and whatsapp e.t.c.
One good thing about this emulator is that, its inatallation type is the easiest and it also attains an UI elegant. You don’t need a guide on how to use this app because its and easy one. To download bluestack emulator click here, and after downloading it, quickly install on your windows or Mac OS computer, then you would see a search box on the top side, in that box you are eligible to make some searches on the android apps you wish to run on your personal computer. Take note, you may experience some slow frame rate in running most 3D android games on your personal computer with the use of the emulator, well that actually depends on the video memory of your personal computer. 

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