3 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic Using Social Networking Sites Pt.1 (Facebook)

Social marketing is actually a good tool in advertising your product. Most individual do pay to advertising companies for their products to be reviewed and advertised not knowing that the social network is like a free market arena where you can also get your product advertised with no charges. Are you a marketer, an author or a producer, and you need your product or service to reach out to thousands of individual with no charges, then this discussion thread is actually for you.
It takes a wise person to plan out his or her strategies when it comes to social marketing. Today’s stroll, I would base my disscussion on facebook social network, and I would help you in marking out strategies on how to boost your website traffic using the facebook social network. If you are also in one business firm or another, then I also recommend this tutorial for you.

There are three major strategies that I have so much learn to use when it comes to traffic management, this strategies are:

1.     Commitments to facebook groups:
Discussing about commitment to facebook groups, it actually means the way you engage yourself to various facebook groups. Therefore as a blogger or web owner, you are adviced to engage with different facebook groups that are related to your niche (what you blog about).

So here is the point:
First search for facebook groups related to your niche, for instance, you do discuss about “make money online tips”, then you search for that on facebook and join as many groups  as you can under the related keyword, you are also adviced to join groups that are over  (2,000 - 3,000) members occupied already in them.
Then your next line of action is to try relating with them and get to know the policy abiding such groups. Remember that you don’t just join and start posting your web links because it can be seen by some groups as spam, which also declines their policy, and it can attract harsh decision like banning you out of such groups. So, try relating with such groups and try to know their whereabout.

Once you have engaged your self with such groups, then your next line of action is that, whenever you publish a certain topic to your site, try and moves to those groups you have joined, and don’t just paste the link of your url, first write down a little discription of the topic you just updated and then fix a linkback for your site, then you can now publish it to thsose groups. Once any of those group members sees the description of your content catchy, he or she would love to know more, then such person would click on your backlink, by the time you continue same procedure over and over again in all the groups you have joined, then you would notice that the more clicks you get, the more traffic benefited and also interested visitors would be engaged to your site and always comeback for more interesting tutorials.
So getting over 20 groups with 5,000+ members to check on your published tutorial, you must certainly have at least 2,000 views or visitors engaged, well that’s real traffic for you.

2.     Improving facebook fan page:
Fan page of a thing on facebook is one of the things that most bloggers do ignore. Actually, it’s so bad that nowadays, most bloggers still do ignore facebook fan page not knowing that it is one of the advantages that builds up their blog reputation and also favour them in terms of traffic.
In other words, to get much audience on your fanpage, try implementing the like buttons on your blog or website, then also try as much as possible to get all your facebook friends invited on your fan page. You can also try as much to get connected with most of your facebook friends that have more reputation and friends than you, so they can help invite fans on your page.
Getting more fans on your page is likely to increase your blog or website traffic level, but how?
Once you have at least 5,000 likes on your fan page, whenever you make a backlink on the page by updating your site recent posts, then your posts published on your facebook fan page would reach out to 50% (at least) of your fans, in which 48% would eventually end up clicking on your backlink to your website or blogsite. So you can anaylize the amount of visits that you would be getting everyday.

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