4 Surefire Ways To Actively Engage Your Blog Readers

In the offline world, a good business is one which the interaction between the business firm and its customers is very active and healthy. Same applies to the online world and the blogosphere is in no way different.


Your blogging strategy would be so poor if you can't have a good conversation with your readers or can't fully grab their attention.

Running a blog without grabbing the audience's attention (every bit of it) will only result in fraustration because at the end of the day, you'd board a spaceship and flee the blogosphere.

In this post, i'd be briefing you on the 4 surefire ways to engage your blog readers.
Grab a seat, get your chips, relax and enjoy. (OH! Don't
forget to grab your pen :P)

1. "Content Is King".
You are tired of hearing that phrase over and over again right? Well is you are, then quit blogging cos you don't post "rubbish" and expect your readers to enjoy. Offline, what makes a manufacturing company flourish is the presence of good products or do you expect the firm to flourish if bad products are manufactured? Same thing applies to blogging. With bad or unreasonable content, there is no way you'd be able to engage your readers. But when you publish quality content, that would benefit your readers. Like Oliver Twist, they'd definitely comeback for more.
So try as much as posible to create quality content that would grab your readers attention.
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2. Social networking:
Social networks onlike (facebook, twitter, google plus e.t.c.) are good pathways to get your blog visitors engaged. This method works by implementing the social likes, follow and share gadgets on your blog for good engagement. Mostly on facebook, try creating a fan page and get it updated whenever you have any latest information published on your blog.

This methods have really worked out for most bloggers because whenever most of your blog readers are lost (no longer visit
your blog), they can easily get connected whenever they notice your daily page update through the facebook social network. Same method applies to other social networks.
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