5 ways to reduce high data usage on Android Phones & Tablets

Last night I got an offline message from a friend of mine, for the message to be sent offline few hours I left the media was enough for me to indicate a problem from him. Going through his message I knew he was bothered about his lately purchased samsung galaxy. He complained that the usage of data plan on the device was too high that he can’t bear to keep wasting his last cards on recharging for another data plan. He was like; a monthly data plan subscription which is meant to last within that period ends up draining in a week.

Actually, android smartphones are used to high data consumption. So today’s stroll, I would be explaining the 5 ways to reduce android data usage.

1.     Use of My Data Manager App:
My data manager app is very good software that helps to track data usage in all other apps on your android device. It’s also simply known as a data counter that does counts the daily usage of your data plan and helps in controling it.
So this app is very much recommended for your android device so that you can get to discover background softwares that do consumes your data plan and quickly stop such app from runing its activities in other for you to maximize your data usage. One thing that amazes me about this software is that it helps to set usage alarm so whenever you have reached the data plan amount that you have setup to use, then you would be alerted in other to avoid overage charges unlike bill shock. To download My Data Manager App, click here or download through your playstore.

2.     Restrict background apps:
Restriction of background app is another great method to avoid high data consumption on your android smartphones. In other to restrict these background apps, you have follow the below procedure.
·         First tap the menu button on the screen of your android device.
·         After that, you should then navigate to settings.
·         Once that is done, then scroll down to account and sync settings.
·         Finally, deselect background data.
Note: All warnings must be ignored and select background data if only you wish to make use of your playstore, which after you are expected to deselect after usage.

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