Mtn Blazing tweak with the use of Simple server + Openvpn on PC

Mtn is now blazing, Reloaded with simple server + the use of openvpn, this tweak is rocking wella.

This tweak goes to all Mtn users, not tested on symbian mobile but you can try the settings, as for Pc users, its working well.


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As i proceed, i would start by thanking the LINUX Lab (Indonesia simple server developers)

First download the Simple server file Here.

Then, open the zip file and extract the folder to your desktop.

Before you open the simpleserver.exe, make sure that your modem is in your computer and then send FB0 to 131, zero digit i mean.

Then open your openvpn. Details on how to launch your openvpn Click Here, after getting the full detail, then, replace the cofig file from those detail with the cofig file Here

After that, get your modem connected, then launch your openvpn and select any of those servers provided and connect.

Finally, move to the simpleserver.exe open, then minimize, then go to your browser and do the below setup.

Options == Network == Settings, then tick the use of manual settings box and input:

Host/IP :
Port: 8080
then save.....

Then you can start surfing free with your PC via Mtn Line...
Once it get disconnected, simply resend the FB0 to 131

For automated sending whenever it disconnects, the the FB0 tool is recommended. Download it here

Hope this helps........
Symbian users can comment if they need the settings...

Don't hesitate to drop your comments if you have any issue with this tweak.
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 8:00 AM

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