Top 5 Social Networking Sites In 2014

Durning the early man times, social media had existed and still exists in different platform. Those days, the drawing of paints around the wall serves as a social media to the early man. I would rather say that social media have been of existence since human began to communicate.

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Michael Haenlein a PHD holder in marketing defines social media as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content."

As for me I would simplify social media as an interface of interaction whereby certain or various individuals create, exchange or even share informations in the virtual networks or communities.

Maybe social media might sound a different meaning to you in your own perspective.

Today's stroll I would be briefing you on the top 5 social networking sites in 2014.

Before I get started with my list, I would first advice all the bloggers/webowners and also other business firm in the house to try your best to patner with the list of networks that am going to be briefing you on now.

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Here we go.....

1. Facebook:

Facebook is the highest social networking site with world rank of second position and also the most popular site in Brazil with the first position rank.
It is such a popular network that has over 900,000,000 unique visitors on monthly basis.

Facebook social network was originally founded at Feb. 4th 2004 and was launched worldwide in 2005.

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The Key founders of facebook are Mark Zuckerberg
(Chairman and CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg

2. Twitter:

Twitter is another popular social network site with world rank of second position and nineth position in the united state.

Twitter media network is populated with over 290,000,000 unique visitors on monthly basis.
It's foundation date was on the 21st, of march 2006.

The key founders of twitter network are Jack Dorsey (Chairman) and
Dick Costolo (CEO).

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