Easy Ways Unroot Android Devices

Me Back Bro :) this time i will tell you how to UNROOT Android Devices :) follow this step
The benefits of doing unroot restore Android is the warranty on the device. To unroot process can be done by installing firmwarebawaan factory. Unfortunately the data and applications will be erased. For UnRooting without flashing process can use SuperSU applications. This application root its management is better than the Superuser app. Here's the tutorial:
1.Install application SuperSU

2. Open the application and 'Allow' on the Superuser
3. Slide kek anan up to the menu 'Settings'
4. Slide down to the features 'Full Unroot'

 5. Select and press the 'Full Unroot', a dialog will appear informing you root access will be lost. If unsure select 'Continue' to proceed.
6.Reboot devices, then install Root Checker app on Android Play Store
7. Open the application, whether the device is still in a state agan root or not.

 Note: If there is an application on the device you've installed the root management SuperSU (not Supersuser) then step up to the fourth one does not need to be done

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