Etisalat blazing tweak with the use of Openvpn on PC

For months now Mtn users have been rocking the MTS plus the Simple server tweak.

It's time for all etisalat Pc users to rise and shine for thou tweak has risen again.

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Now I can fire on with the tweak...
Of course, Today's stroll would be layed on the vexing matter of etisalat plus openvpn on Pc. Lol!
I know that most of you are excited and wants to start blazing this tweak, It's totally free and blaze even with #0.0K on your sim.


1. Etisalat Sim
2. Openvpn and Filter proxy Lite.
3. Of course your computer is also included.

All you need to do is to download the openvpn program and the filter proxy lite and all required setup needed is explained in the downloaded folder and the setup is easy and self explainatory.

All thanks to ICTvpn owner, if you have not registed on their website, do that here.

Blaze with this tweak while it lasts...
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 7:30 AM

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