How to Auto Sync Account On Android Jelly Bean

    Do you belong to one of the owners of smartphones with Android operating system version of Jelly Bean , whether buying a new or update of Ice Cream Sandwich , which has problems going to activate the account sync automatically ( evernote , facebook , google , whatsapp , etc ) , where We are reasonably enabled via : menu > settings > account , but now we can not find it ?
Yes , you are not alone , as does the author 's own experience , the author briefly wondered if Android Jelly Bean can not sync automatically , or smartphone itself is damaged or google account is problematic .
As it turned out , was in a version of Android Jelly Bean , Google intentionally hides some options , it is intended that not just anyone can use the option. As with any writer ever review some time ago , Google also hides the USB Debugging option .
In this article , specifically discussed on how to activate your account automatically sync , it turns out after the author looking here and there, eh was concealed by Google : menu > Data usage > and click on the top right corner > check the option "Auto - sync data " .
It turns out that Google's good intentions , which I worry if we enable auto sync this data , then the limit internet We will automatically cropped continuously, if we do not have unlimited internet data package .
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