How to Change Android Being Wifi Hotspot

Android phone could be a Wifi Hotspot ...? Must have been many who know, and lucky for who do not know. Currently I'm online with a laptop via a wifi connection from android HH ya, I've been annoyed with my modem problematic (slow) until I could breathe guns anger me hehehe (Overstated). And finally I could breathe it up with a super-fast internet browsing :D
For those of you who want to surf on a laptop with a wifi connection from trying to follow the steps below ... Easy and very simple really :

1 . Enable your internet data , then go to settings and select Network and then select Wireless Tethering and Portable hotspot . and then turn on Wi-Fi hotspot and check .


2 . Now you can see on your laptop Wi - Fi and Android buddy had a direct life - Connect it to your laptop .

3 . If you want to make Hp android pal with Wi-Fi and is password protected so it can not spread or used by others . how to create a password for the Wi - Fi Direct Android phone go to Settings Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and select Configure Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and please set your password ,

4 . After you set the password, and then click save . and now please enter your leptop and enter the password you created last yangsudah Connect . Done .

How easy is it?  
Now you can surf on the laptop already use wifi ....Good luck ....
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 11:21 PM

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