How to perform a system recovery on windows 8

Lately, a good friend of mine that hardly brings a complain to me messaged me about his newly purchased Vaio laptop with windows 8 program already installed in it.

The issue was that, after he purchased it, the windows 8 dvd disk wasn't found in the pack and his system continued to develop faults, so he needed the disk to restore it.

I know that most of you might have developed a similar issue, and also find it hard to purchase an original pack of the windows 8 dvd program.

Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on how to perform a system recovery on windows 8.

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Follow the below procedure to perform a system recovery outside windows 8:

1. Press/Hold the power button of your computer, until it is completely turned off.

Note: I don't mean shutdown. Just hold that power button till it is completely switched off.

2. On your keyboard, then click on the "Assist" button.

Note: The location of the Assist button depends on the model of your system, In other to know the location of the Assist Button on your system, refer to the supplied info manual here.

3. After that, you would be directed to rescue mode screen. Then press the F10 key to select the maintain or recover your system option.

4. You would see the choose your keyboard layout screen, then simply click to select the preferred Keyboard layout.

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