How To Restore IMEI MTK Chipset

BBM application now can be installed at once in 1device 2 using 2 different blackberry ID which is certainly different with the 2 pin pula.mau try.?? Please follow the step :

1. Download the application at Here
2. Copy to SD card
3. Install and open the application BBM3
4. Enter your email is already registered in blackberry ID for verification usually takes about 1 hour depending on the verification of a given server blackberry
5. Log Blackberry ID that's been made (try blackberry ID in use is different from the Blackberry ID that has been in use in other applications BBM
6. Congratulations Android you can already 2 Pin Air fuel with different Android Device in 1 and 2 will look at the application of fuel your android device as shown below:

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