How to share Your PC internet connection with Your iphone, ipod & ipod

Good day my faithful readers, today's stroll I would quickly brief you on how to share Your PC internet connection with Your iphone, ipod & ipod.

The procedures that would be explained below can also be applicable to android or any wlan enebled device.

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Without much say, I would quickly list the things needed for the procedure.

1. A PC with windows vista, 7 or 8.
2. A LAN internet connection (Ethernet) that is functional
3. Finally, A wifi card that is capable of radiating (Producing or emmiting)

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I would explain three main steps, but know that the actual aim is to create an adHoc network commonly described as WLAN, and then activate the LAN Internet connection sharing from the PC.

Once this is fulfilled, then we can thether the internet through PC, by just searching the created network with the use of wifi on our I0S or android device and connect.

For Now, Let me brief you on how the network sharing is being created.

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Step 1: (How to create the adHoc network)

1. First move to the sharing center of the windows by navigating to Start> Network> Network and Sharing Center

2. Click on the Manage Wireless Networks
on the left.

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