Top 5 Fingerprint lock apps for Android smartphones

I believe in the zone of privacy.
Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.

Most times I don't get to like my neighbours knowing my secret apps or even messages because I value privacy on that aspect, and that is the more reason privacy inter-relate with security.

Security is one of the actions that keeps you safe from lack of privacy, thereby keeping your secrets safe.

Android users are familiar with the screen lock or security code lock action on their device, but I don't encourage any use those actions to avoid security lost or forgotten screen lock action.

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Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on the top 5 Fingerprint lock apps for Android smartphones. Of course you should know that your fingerprint never changes and this action also avoid security lost.

Finger print logo

1. Fingerprint lock free:
I would simply say, this is a very nice fingerprint app with a very nice customizable interface that works as a screen lock. It's a very nice app that gives full security to your android smartphone.

Download Fingerprint lock Free here.

2. Fingerprint Lock HD:
Fingerprint Lock HD is another awesome fingerprint lack app with exact and attractive HD display. Unlike the fingerprint lock free, it also serves as a screen lock interface.

Download Fingerprint lock HD here

3. Fingerprint Lock screen best:
Wow! As for me, I would rate this app to be rated as one of the best android app. It's really awesome with a very effective virtual biometrics (Fingerprint scanning) that helps in locking and unlocking of your android device.

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