Android Quick Heat? It causes

 Android Quick Heat? It causes

Today the number of users smarpthone increasing population, could dilhat of menuntu lifestyle will always be up to date, and thirst for the latest information. If we walk in an urban area can be sure we will easily meet smarphone users who are cool with his smartphone.

However syndrome smartphone that currently plague left an unfavorable impression too comfortable when using smartphones, the heat coming out of the smartphone cause discomfort when we use a smartphone to browse the media, or social skills.

This time the AI ​​will discuss a bit about the causes why the smartphone is particularly fast android berOS hot when in use.

  Android Quick Heat? It causes

1. Used Application Note
Increasing number apilkasi used, or the application being (Running in Background) make the system always works even though the screen is off / idle, therefore, turn off applications that are running on the menu settings / applications / running. Or droiders could use a task killer to optimize the running applications.

2. Note Availability Network
If Droiders are in a high rise building / mall, then the power of the network will be weakened even sometimes sinyalpun not want to go, this will cause rapid heat our favorite Android. Because Android will automatically scan the network continuously. Therefore Ai advised to use the internet wisely, if insufficient signal wait until the signal is completely stable to avoid overheating.

3. Around Notice
Keep in mind, if droiders edang using smartphones over a million acres are air-conditioned, the level of overheating can be minimized, however, if droiders using smartpohen in areas that are not air-conditioned place especially high temperature, for example in the field or on the street then the smartphone will be faster because of the influence of weather heat

4. Note the use of Smartphones
If Droiders often do activities such as chat, SMS, and play games. Then surely the smartphone will heat up quickly, because the components on the smartphone to work extra hard when Droiders running chat application, sms especially playing games, so natural that the smartphone becomes hot quickly. For it is wise to use a smartphone, if it is hot enough diarasa, discontinue use, in order to avoid hardware damage and extends the life of the smartphone.

5. Note Age batrey
If batrey already feels quite wasteful, it allows increased activity of charging, it can cause hot android fast, because batrey are often exhausted, for it would suggest to replace batrey Ai according to the Original Android Smartphone Brand used.
So a little explanation and tips from Ai, may be useful especially for frequent droiders Android megeluh fast heat.

Android Quick Heat? It causes 
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