How to change the Ringtone, Sound Notification


If you want to change the tone Droiders ringtone, message tone, notification tones, but there is no optionnya in your music player or in settings, there is a little trick the AI to add music/tone became favorite Ringtones/Notification tone,

In this way, of course without the need for root, follow the steps below:
  1. Open the file manager. (Es File Exploler)
  2. Locate the folder named ' Media '. If there is no Media folder, press Options, select Create new folder, and then name the Media.
  3. Then Create another folder inside the folder media, name the Audio, if it has been there before, you do not need to create it again.
  4. Open the Audio folder again, and then make 3 folders inside the folder the Audio, the first name ' Alarms ', the second name ' Notifications ', which is the 3rd name ' Ringtones '.
  5. Now, live music Droiders to that folder.

  • If Droiders want mp3 music as ringtone, enter to the folder ' Ringtones ' that exists in the Media/Audio/Ringtones.
  • If Droiders want mp3 music made the sound notification, enter to the folder ' Notifications ' in the Media/Audio/Notifications.
  • If Droiders want mp3 music as sound the alarm, enter to the folder ' Alarms ' that exists in the Media/Audio/Alarms.
    6. Last, change the notification soundnya/ringtonenya by opening the settings => voice => ringtones phone ringtones or notifications, then look for the title of the music which has been included.
  •  For those who want a music as sound the alarm, please go to applications, open alerts, create alarm, and then click alarmnya dialog, click ringtones and find music like. Note:

  • Note the small caps in setting folder, follow the appropriate tutorial above 
  • if all folders that are described in point 2-5 already existed before, then no need to create a folder Droiders again, continue to stay step 6.

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