How to flash an android smartphone custom rom easily

Privously, we disscused issues flashing custom roms though is a risk take performing it manually.
Most android device is bricked today due to the use of wrong custom rom on it.
well if you have already gotten your device bricked, then check in here to fix it up.

Back to our disscussion, i know of a very nice app that helps you flash your custom rom and get a recommended one for your device.

Gapps manager app is what am talking, This app was released on the 28th of december, 2013.

Gapps manager-logo

Gapps Manager easy lets you download the proper gapps (google apps) flashable zip package to install on your custom ROMs.
Currently, it supports gapps for gingerbread (2.3.x), ics (4.0.x), jellybean (4.1.x-4.3.x), and kitkat (4.4.x), art support also available.
Never bother with searching for compatible gapps again, or waste your time ending up with gapps that don't work properly for you.

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Handy little tool that makes finding GAPPS easy For people new to flashing custom roms, it can be a bit disheartening to have to then look for the proper GAPPS to use with the correct version of android you're running. This little app makes it extremely easy to quickly get the latest and correct GAPPS package onto your phone. It's nice that there's even a little tool within the app's settings that tells you the exact version of android you're currently using on your phone.

How to get started with gapps manager.

First download Gapps manager Here or from your playstore.

Simply Install the app, then press the entry for the android Rom you'd wish to flash, and kudos, you will notice the flsahable zip package containing the exact Gapps.

Hope this helps !!!
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