Moborobo Management tools for android

Moborobo is an application that is in the allocation for the users of android and iOS in particular smartphone to manage their gadgets via PC, AI will discuss here what are the features that are provided by the application 1.

To run the moborobo enough to enable USB Debugging on your Android, then plug it into your PC/Laptop via USB, the Am here using Device Xperia Sola and looks more or less like this:

1. Backup and Restore, Moborobo able to do backup and restore files such as: contacts, sms, applications, music, ringtones, pictures etc. so to do a backup no need Droiders ribet for rooting and downloading this application. Enough with the moborobo can all d backup and restore and no doubt could have for All Type of Android.


2. read and reply to an Sms feature, this one is definitely very helpful disat Droiders was using PCs and are conducting activities of messaging. With moborobo can reply to a message you Droiders has entered the device the droiders by accessing the application Data on the moborobo tab. 
In addition to replying to and read sms on Data tab can be used to manage your contacts, call logs.

3. uninstall application Features, update applications are also available at moborobo, click the applications tab to the right of the tabs data there can freely manage Droiders applications already installed, some can be moved to SD card internal memory so be more relieved.In addition there is a feature app updater to update our application updates are already available. True% u2013 true all in one tools right?

4. in the tab Images, Music and videos is also not much different from the apps tab, to manage pictures, music and videos on your android device has been connected to the moborobo application. 

5. in addition there is also a file manager tools on home tab on the top right, there can manage all droiders files on android that has been connected to the application moborobo, layakanya also can exploler root access system.

Conclusion Moborobo free PC Suit is to manage Android/iOS. Moborobo is an Android/iOS management tool that comes with the best most advanced features with the most straightforward interface, can all use it. Download moborobo at:
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