MTN and Etisalat tweak now blazing on Android and PC with Yourfreedom app

Good day my lovely readers.
Without much say, today's stroll, I would be updating you on the latest Etisalat/MTN tweak that rocks with Yourfreedom app on Android smartphones and PC.

Simply follow the below settings:

First open an account with them Here and also download Your freedom app for your android device which is in 'apk' format and also for your PC which is in 'exe' format.

YF logo

YF logo

Then for both Mtn and Etisalat users, simply download dns chnger for your android device here or from playstore.

Alternative Dns:
Click on Set
Secondary Dns:
....connect modem for PC users, connect YF and make sure you place port at 8080.

I must advice you to upgrade your YF account for better speed.
Let us know if you got any problem with the tweak above.

You can also enjoy the below blazing tweaks.

1. Etisalat tweak blazing wella with the use of PC.

2. Etisalat still blazing with openvpn on PC

3. Mtn Blazing like hell with SS program and MTS on PC and many more tweaks.....

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