Over the functions of Android so Speedometer Car

Over the functions of Android so Speedometer Car

Android is fairly highly advanced technology to date. Not only has become a place hardware such buit-in GPS, Gyroscope, Temperature Monitor, or high-resolution camera but also was able to transfer into the speedometer function.

Want to know how, follow these steps:
 Over the functions of Android so Speedometer Car
  1. Connect the device to an internet enabled applications and Google Play Store. 
  2. Via features Play Store, find the feature 'Ulysse Speedometer', who developed the binary toys. Free application you can download it, you just return the requested patient with ads appearing. 
  3. The application will require a GPS function, so droiders must activate the GPS receiver. 
  4. Search in the GPS 'Location service', then select 'Use GPD Satellites'.
  5. If GPS is active, droiders Ulysse Speedometer from the app drawer
  6. The main screen looks futuristic applications and excellent interface. You should see the information circular gauges. If you do not activate the GPS previously, the application will have a small circle to activate the GPS told press, press to enter the Location settings and activate the GPS.
  7. This application will scan the GPS signal and the GPS shows the number of satellites circle.
  8. Once an application has obtained a GPS lock, you can place the device on the dashboard of the car and started moving droiders. Largest gauge will display the speed. If pressed, droiders can choose to change the unit and set the maximum speed.
  9. Other features available are 'Trip' and 'Today' by default will display the mileage and driving time duration.
  10. Trip meter can be reset, while other facilities are the meters that will files droiders daily trips, which can be accessed later.

Good luck  to Over the functions of Android so Speedometer Car   
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