Top 5 Best First-person shooter Games for PC 2014

Good day my faithful blog readers. Today, I would brief you on the top 5 best FPS games for your PC. With the games listed below, bet me, you would enjoy your moment playing the games. As you know, First shooter game is a common game and a very awesome game genre. Of course, it's more of a multiplayer game mode.

#5 Best first person shooter game for PC:
Counter Strike- Global Offensive

Counter strike logo

Counter strike Global offensive is a very nice first person shooter game for your personal computer (PC). It was released on the 21st of August 2012 and also made avaliable for microsoft windows. The developers behinde this great game are the Valve Corporation and Hidden path entertainment company. Counter strike global offensive game has a multiplayer mode where each player patner with the counter-Terrorist or Terrorist team and make an attempt to eliminate the enemy team and complete objectives.

#4 Best first person shooter game for PC:

Titanfall logo

Titanfall is another great and one of the most rated shooter games. It was realeased on the 11th of march 2014 and developed by Respawn Entertainment and publised by Electronics Arts. It's a nice game that is played on microsoft windows, Xbox 360 and also Xbox one.
It uses an online multiplayer mode, and the game is aided by wall-running abilities and multitudes of computer-controlled soldiers and it's being optimized by continual action and fast paced.

#3 Best first person shooter game for Windows PC:
Wolfenstein- The New Order

Wolfenstein New order logo

Wow! This game is awesome with one of the coolest graphics effect. Wolfenstein - The New Order was released on the 20th of march 2014 and works on platforms which includes, microsoft windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. The game is developed by the MachineGames Entertainment company and published by Bethesda Softworks. This game run a single player mode and it's a highly rated shooter game with almost full star.

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