Watch out, three million dangerous re threatening cyberspace the android application

Not less than three million the android application dangerous and high-risk would pose a security issue the world during 2014.A mobile device that we have will be extremely vulnerable to attack, diverse such as ' clickjacking' and ' watering hole'.

A' those are the result of ' smart protection network' trend micro for some time span, ' said sales director trend micro dhani sulistyo, in jakarta, monday ( 20 / 01 / 2014 ) trend micro is software companies internet security starting to operate since 1988.

Tissue sophisticated protection ( smart protection of network ), trend micro dhani, said working with the threat, gathering and acknowledges and started analyzing solusi.selain to give that dhani also projected that mobile equipment will be very vulnerable to various attack targeted.

' clickjacking', for example, is application that provokes to click access linked to service or the specific site and often infiltrated ' malware'.

While ' watering hole' is infiltration ' malware' in menu-menu site credible like facebook.Sales trend micro, konsultan preƫmption. Francis indromojo, said in 2014, the threat of infiltration ' malware' and pembobolan data will also lead to the activity of internet banking.He said unverified two steps on the internet banking already won ' t be working curb the attacks hacking data.

' this because of the bridge access, and also attack ' man in the middle ( mitm ), ' he said.

According to francis, to overcome an attack in 2014, the virtual world companies service providers have to identify security at the product, weakness of the system because the mode of cyber crimes will be more sophisticated in tandem with technology advancement.
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