Way Forward- Airtel Bis now reduced to 1.5GB for #1500

For months now, threads about the airtel bis on non-bb device have been circulating.
Early this week, I got reports from most of my blog readers, complaining about how they were charged #1,500 from airtel in exchange of 1.5GB instead of 2GB, and this same issue was also comfirmed by a friend of mine. The vexing side of this matter is that the 1.5GB capped data plan sucks and it's being used up within few days.

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Well, you might be asking the way forward. Neglecting the freebrowsing tips I have posted, I would like to inform you that the MTN Mid-Night plan is the best data plan as of now.

How to activate MTN Mid-Night Plan:
Mtn mid-night plan costs #2500 in exchange of 3GB (Strictly for Night usage) and 1.5GB bonus which can be consumed 24/7 throughout that day.
To opt-in or activate the plan, simply text '102' to '131'.

How to use Mtn Mid-night plan 24/7:

As mentioned above, the Mtn mid-night plan is strictly for mid-night usage expect for the 1.5GB bonus which can be consumed anytime, but I would be sharing a simple trick on how to use the Mtn mid-night plan 24/7.

1. Make sure you are online till 6am and it would continue until you disconnect.


2. Set your browser to manual proxy settings of port 8080, then setup simple server just like you'd configure the fb0 stuff.

The second method is quite reliable.

Hope you found this brief information helpful. Be wise and choose the most suitable data plan that best serves you well.

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