Wow, Amazon Prepare Three-dimensional Smartphone


Amazon is reportedly currently working on three-dimensional smartphone. This time, his first design had started to technology page to post a picture that is said to be one of at least two prototype smartphone Amazon designed the company.

If the photo is correct, the design look like smartphone other available in market.Amazon but claim, his side will design device 3d.This will be smartphone first with sails three-dimensional; telephone 3d, including htc evo 3d that appears some years ago, but they failed to gain attention society.

A device in a photograph protected by a protective cells, to protect from one who peep the design of physical device.This ware furnished six camera - four of them cameras antarmuak to help the effects of 3d.

The cameras also used to menjejak position the face and eyes users, so higher than her position and viewpoints objects on the screen.This makes user could see the 3d without wearing glasses 3d.

Leaving him. Device smartphone amazon this present qualcomm snapdragon processor, ram 2gb of ram, operated by android known as fire os.

Last week the wall street journal report smartphone production amazon this will be released on june 2014 and shipped in the third quarter this year.
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